Summer Workshop – Bridging the Technological Gap

Date: 31/07/2022

German Primate Center in Göttingen, Germany






Sunday July 31st – Saturday August 6th 2022

Scientific advances depend not only on new ideas, conceptual leaps, and paradigm shifts, but also on technological innovations that make these steps possible. Especially in the study of cognition and behavior across species, rapid technological change creates immense opportunities to revolutionize scientific methods. The incredible speed of these changes makes it challenging for many researchers to keep up, and research communities struggle with impeding inconsistencies in the application and reporting of novel technological methodologies. Thus, the goal of this workshop is to bridge this technological gap by

– Enabling early career researchers to build expertise (through lectures and hands-on training sessions) in the use of technology-based non-invasive methods: (I) motion tracking, (II) eye tracking, (III) pupillometry, (IV) thermal imaging, and (V) their machine learning equivalents and extensions. 

– Developing/discussing/sharing common standards and guidelines for the use of these methods,

– Creating a vibrant, inspiring, and supporting research network.

– Fostering the exchange of ideas and the exploration of potential collaborations by providing ample opportunity for chats and discussions between the workshop sessions, during the welcome reception, the social gatherings, and the goodbye dinner.

We invite early career researchers, especially PhD students and postdocs, who are interested in acquiring expertise with non-invasive technological methods to study the cognition and behavior of human and non-human animals.

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