The 1st International Electronic Conference on Animals (IECA)

Date: 05/12/2020





Global Sustainability and Animals: Science, Ethics and Policy


The 1st International Electronic Conference on Animals (IECA2020) will be held from 5th to 20th December 2020 in the internet environment. This event will solely be an online proceeding that allows participation from all over the world with no concerns of travel and related expenditures, while at the same time making rapid and direct exchanges about the latest research findings and novel ideas in Animal Science. All proceedings will be held online at

Through this event, they aim to cover the following topics:

Climate change and sustainability of animal systems
Sustainability of animal use and demand for animal products
Animal welfare, ethics, policy and politics
Animal health and sustainability
Sustainable animal feeding
The conference will be completely free of charge – both to attend, and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform.

Keynote speakers will include Prof. Don Broom and a number of prominent people in the field of sustainability. 


Registration process is not entirely obvious, however they have informed me that you should Subscribe to the event to get sent information and then simply click on the webinar registration link on 2nd November (12pm UK time) to hear the Opening Ceremony and find out what is happening during the meeting.



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