The Economics of Animal Welfare in Financially Challenging Times

Date: 21/03/2023

UCD, Dublin, Ireland







This event will focus on the challenges presented when balancing the welfare needs of individual animals, groups/herds and society against current environmental/political/ financial climates. AWSELVA recognise the invaluable benefit of collaborations with our related disciplines, which are both diverse and many! This conference is open to anyone with an interest in animal welfare science, ethics and law, irrespective of their background or affiliation with the subject.


Includes talks from Dr Laura Boyle (TEAGASC) on “What is good animal welfare worth to us and how do we achieve it”, Dr Ian Futter (SSPCA) on “The impact of financial constraints on animal welfare” and Dr Fiona Roberts (Foods Connected) on “Reframing Welfare metrics as farm gate losses”. 


Tickets cost £100 for AWSELVA members, £125 for non-members and £50 for students. 

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