The PAW Report 2022 – How Healthy and Happy are our Pets?

Date: 06/07/2022



The PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report webinar is back for 2022. This year, a panel of expert speakers will discuss the findings and take live questions from the audience to explore what the implications are for pet wellbeing in the UK today.


The PAW Report is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive assessment of pet wellbeing. Working with the leading market research organisation, YouGov, PDSA surveys a nationally representative sample of pet owners to provide insight into key welfare issues, monitor trends and the impact of new legislation and inform human behaviour change campaigns.


Conducted annually since 2011, 12 years of data allows accurate comparison and identification of trends in how owners are acquiring pets and providing for their 5 Welfare Needs, as well as providing a reliable estimation of pet populations.

The Report will be available to view from 1st July at

Join us on 6th July at 7pm for a few webinar with a live Q&A giving you the opportunity to ask your questions about the findings to our expert panel.


Speakers: Sean Wensley, Richard Saunders, Justine Shotton, Samantha Gaines, Sarah Heath, Alex German.


Insight into:

· The key welfare challenges facing UK pets today

· The changing demographics of pet ownership

· How changes in pet acquisition could affect the wellbeing of dogs, cats and rabbits

· The behavioural issues affecting UK dogs and cats in 2022

· The problems facing rabbit welfare

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