Webinar – When cruelty goes beyond the animals in our care

Date: 30/09/2021









Thursday 30th September at 9.30am (UK) (7.30pm Australia)


This is a free webinar in conjunction with AWSELVA and Sentient, in which a panel of experts will tackle a sensitive discussion on “When cruelty goes beyond the animals in our care” and how vets can navigate the challenges presented in practice for vets handling cruelty cases with co-existing violence in the home. 


The event will be chaired by Dr Claire Corridan (Secretary of AWSELVA) and the speakers include Dr Paula Boyden, Dr Rosemary Elliot and Dr David Martin. The webinar is open to all members of the veterinary or supporting professions, animal charities, animal welfare or behaviour scientists. 


Places are limited to 100 and registration via Zoom is required in advance so early booking is advised. 

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