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Patrizia Paci

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Open University, in the UK. I first trained as an animal physiologist and ecologist before gaining a Ph.D. in Animal-Computer Interaction.

Summary of Interests

My research interests are driven by the goal of improving animals’ affective welfare through the design of animal-centred technologies, settings, and environments that enable less invasive human interventions on animals’ lives. My past and current research includes: Ethological observations and measuring of cats’ reactions to animal-borne biotelemetry; wearer-centred design in wildlife biotelemetry; physical prototyping of animal-centred devices for cats and working dogs; analysis of animals’ interaction with animal-centred interfaces; Mobility Assistance Dogs smart-working environment design; manifestation of privacy behaviours in non-human animals; cognitive and digital enrichment for zoo animals.

Area of Expertise

My Ph.D. and current postdoc research have focused on the analysis of the behaviour of animals interacting with human-made technologies. I specialised on observing and measuring the behavioural effects that biotelemetry systems have on domestic cats to understand individuals’ experiences with body-attached devices. I have also worked with medical detection dogs and mobility assistance dogs to observe their interaction with pads and sensors and design canine-centred mechanical interfaces. I am currently involved in bid writing to propose the development of animal-centred technologies to deploy in zoological parks and sanctuaries and to serve wildlife conservation strategies.

Key Skills

Quantitative and qualitative research methods, research project management and coordination, external collaborations, prototyping.

Other Key Information

Currently based in the UK, looking for a Research Associate position starting from 15th April 2022.

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Twitter Account: @PatzPaci