Date: 11/05/2017

Peter Wilson Building at King's Building, SRUC

Professor David Main (University of Bristol), Professor Cathy Dwyer (SRUC), Dr Marie Haskell (SRUC), Dr Siobhan Mullan (University of Bristol), Dr Jessica Stokes (University of Bristol)

Workshop Aims:

The Scottish Government have funded a novel collaboration between Bristol University and SRUC, to work with dairy cattle and sheep farmers to identify positive welfare measures for industry recognition and advocacy. This workshop is a unique opportunity to contribute to this developing animal welfare policy. With the aim of, inspiring multidisciplinary ideas we will be hearing about quality of life research in humans, and forging new collaborations across the AWRN and beyond by working together to identify future positive animal welfare research priorities.

Invited Speakers Including:

Doctor Alexander Weiss, University of Edinburgh – “How similar is the happiness of humans to that of their primate relations?”

Doctor Suzanne Held, University of Bristol – “How can we validate positive animal welfare measures?”

Further Information:

A full agenda for the meeting can be accessed by clicking here: AWRN_Agenda_Final

Abstracts from contributing speakers can be accessed by clicking here: Measuring positive animal welfare

Although the programme is predominantly focused on positive farm animal welfare, we would also welcome interested parties from zoo, companion and laboratory animal research.

Please note that delegates will be required to do some reading prior to the meeting (no more than an hour or two) in order to feed into the project on current potential positive welfare measures.

Registration is now OPEN, it will close at midnight on 27th April 2017. If you log in to the AWRN website, the link to registration should appear below.