Recent advances in animal welfare science VI - UFAW Meeting

Date: 28/06/2018

Venue: Centre for Life, Newcastle, UK

The field of animal welfare is a cross-disciplinary area of study that seeks to offer guidance and find solutions to the challenges raised by our caring...

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Whey Aye Welfare

Date: 27/06/2018

Venue: Bradley-Clark Building, Newcastle University

          Registration is now open for a social gathering on the eve of the UFAW Animal Welfare Conference in Newcastle.   Join them at 6pm on Wednesday 27th June...

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Date: 01/06/2018

Venue: SRUC, King’s Buildings, West Mains Road, EH9 3JG, Edinburgh

  Organised by: Dr Bouda Vosough Ahmadi (SRUC), Dr Marianna Markantoni (SRUC), Dr Taro Takahashi (University of Bristol & Rothamsted Research), Dr Luiza Toma (SRUC), Professor Dominic Moran...

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4th meeting of the Large Animal Research Network (LARN): Imaging and Large Animal Welfare considerations in research

Date: 15/05/2018


    The next meeting of the Large Animal Research Network (LARN) - which provides support and information to those who use large animals in biomedical, veterinary and...

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ASAB Easter Meeting

Date: 04/04/2018

Venue: University of Plymouth

    The ASAB Easter Meeting 2018, will be held at the University of Plymouth on 4th-6th April, and is being organised by Dr Ben Brilot. The confirmed plenaries...

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Animals in Our midst: how did pet-keeping evolve? Dr John Bradshaw

Date: 16/03/2018

Venue: Room A30, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, LE12 5RD

    The University of Nottingham and UFAW University Links programme are hosting Dr John Bradshaw for a free public lecture.   John Bradshaw from University of Bristol, and author of the Sunday...

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Career Progression for Early Career Researchers

Date: 01/03/2018

Venue: University of Liverpool Student Guild, Liverpool

  Organised by Nicola Davidson and Jane Hurst (University of Liverpool)   Key Information   This is a two-day workshop, starting at 12pm on Thursday 1st March and finishing at 12.30pm on Friday 2nd...

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International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) UK and Ireland regional meeting

Date: 07/02/2018

Venue: University of Bristol, Langford Campus, BS40 5DU.

  The next meeting of the UK and Ireland ISAE region will be held at the Langford campus of the University of Bristol on the 7th February...

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2018 Newcastle Infrared Thermography Workshop

Date: 24/01/2018

Venue: Newcastle Upon Tyne

 This workshop aims to: - Provide a forum for sharing the scientific principles and the technical challenges of using IRT to investigate different health conditions across a...

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AWSELVA / BVFLA Conference: Legal implications for veterinary examinations?

Date: 17/01/2018

Venue: Mary Sumner House, Tufnell Street, London, SW1P 3RP

  AWSELVA will hold a conference jointly with the British Veterinary Forensic and Law Association on Wednesday 17th January 2018. The meeting will be held at Mary Sumner House,...

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