AWRN-funded Outreach Workshop on The emotional cost of caring

Date: 10/05/2019

Innovations Centre, Clark Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London





This AWRN-funded outreach workshop (including participants from both within and outside the AWRN) is titled “The emotional cost of caring: Managing emotional burden when working with laboratory animals: role of communicating and assessing the impact of animal welfare on the resilience of co-workers”.

This event is fully booked.

This one day workshop focuses on working practices and challenges faced by laboratory animal care professionals and researchers. It will provide a forum to assist with building emotional resilience whilst being proud ambassadors for the care and welfare of the animals they are taking care of. Invited speakers include those with an interest in the human-animal bond and will discuss how those closely working with animals can utilize psychological techniques to effectively manage emotion. This workshop also aims to improve delegates’ self-confidence at communicating any concerns about harm: benefit analysis for animals used in research and encourage greater openness, particularly across technical staff and researchers.

Further information about the workshop in a printable format can be found here: Summary_EMOTIONAL_COST_OF_CARING_2019 

Any enquiries about the event should be directed to Sam Pimm or Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda at or




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