The Science of Animal Sentience: Refining Experimental Biology

Date: 21/09/2021







This meeting is being organised by Penny Hawkins (RSPCA, Animals in Science Department, UK). 

Animal sentience – the ability to experience pain, psychological distress and positive emotions such as pleasure – is a hot topic. Life science research has contributed to the anatomical, physiological and behavioural evidence base for animal sentience, but what are the practical implications of this knowledge, for both scientists and the wider public? 

This meeting will discuss the biological basis for ascribing sentience, assess the current evidence for sentience in different species and identify knowledge gaps. It will also explore approaches to refining experimental biology, for researchers who wish to use the latest thinking about animals’ experiences to improve their welfare. 

Speakers include Helen Lambert (Animal Welfare Consultancy, UK), Tobias Wang (Aarhus University, Denmark), Catherine Williams (Aarhus University, Denmark), Lynne Sneddon (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Gavan Cooke (Anglia Ruskin University, UK), Sarah Dalesman (University of Aberystwyth, UK), Penny Hawkins (RSPCA, UK) and Jonathan Birch (London School of Economics, UK). 

A full schedule is available on the website. 


Registrations for this event is currently free (£5 if you register after 7th September), simply register on their website (link below or above). 



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